Applying German Glass Glitter


Sheer Frost and Pure Silver German Glass Glitter add sparkle to these couture pumpkins

German Glass Glitter is made in Germany using real silver and glass.  It is cut here in the United States; it is sharp because it is glass.  Children should not use this glitter.

German Glass Glitter is used for crafts such as these paper mache pumpkin shown here.  Also, glitter can add some bling to ornaments, burlap, silk flowers, twigs or anything you can imagine.

Tacky Glue or Elmer’s Glue is applied on the surface. Next sprinkle the glitter on using a spoon. Finally, press the glitter down into the glue using a piece of cardstock between your hands and the glitter.

This glitter can also be sprinkled on top of our Embossing Medium and Crust while wet, and as a result you create a sparkling texture such as frosted snow!

Sheer Frost German Glass Glitter over Crust

Sheer Frost German Glass Glitter over Crust

You can buy 10 different colors of German Glass Gliitter, so allow your imagination to run free!