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Our metallic paints are specially designed for use on furniture and cabinets.  They have a large amount of acrylic resin and will dry very hard and durable.  They are available in quarts, pints and in a 4 ounce size, and can be a beautiful enhancement on knobs and pulls on furniture.

prep for success

Clean all surfaces to remove dirt, oil, grease or other contaminates.  Clean with Krud Kutter Gloss-Off or Simple Green following the package directions.  Remove wax with Mineral Spirits.

Shake or stir these metallic paints well before use and during use. 

Paint base coat of Paint Couture in a color similiar to the metallic paint, for example, use British Grey under Silver Star.  

Get painting!


Metallics dry quickly so a well loaded brush is key.  Use a synthetic brush and apply the paint in a long fluid stroke in one direction.  Avoid stopping and starting as this will show a brush mark.  Brush the metallic paint on the surface all in the same direction.  On a table top or on an item that is heavily used, a topcoat of Couture Topcoat is recommended.  Wait 24 hours after applying the metallic paint prior to applying the topcoat.

In Stencils

If using a Mylar stencil spray the back of your stencil with Stencil Ease or a repositionable Stencil Adhesive and allow to dry at least 5 minutes.  Vinyl adhesive stencils are an option as well, they are made to stick to the surface, no need to apply adhesive.  Place the stencil on the furniture and secure with Blue Tape.  Apply with a foam roller or a stencil brush.  When using the foam roller have a piece of cardboard handy and off load your brush or roller to remove excess paint so it will not bleed under your stencil.  To help prevent bleeding under the stencil begin rolling with light pressure at first.  Clean up is with soap and water.

Detail Accents

These metallic paints are most notably designed to highlight furniture detailing.  Use them as a metallic accent on top of carved furniture details and on spindles, or over painted Embossing Medium.  They are beautiful dry brushed, too!

More tips for applying!

Sheer Effect

These products may be thinned with 10% water for a more transparent look.  Once thinned, brush on top of Paint Couture for a sheer sparkle.  If desired, a glaze can be created by adding 1 part Sheer Glazing Medium to 1 part metallic paint, therefore the working time of the paint will be increased.


Over Glaze Effect

Glaze Couture can be brushed over metallic paints after 12 hours.  The hardware shown here was painted with Pale Gold and glazed with Amber Honey to bring out the details and make it look more antiqued.


Can you mix metallic colors together?

Yes, you can mix any of products within a line together to create a custom mix.

How do you dilute Metallic Paint to make it more sheer?

You can dilute it using the Clear Glazing Medium to make it more like a glaze than a paint. You can also thin with up to 10% water.

Can Metallic Paint be used on metal?

Yes, but we recommend using the XIM UMA bonding primer for better durability.