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Our Paint is a water based Acrylic paint that is self leveling, very durable and user friendly.  You can brush or spray our paint, and it is great for projects large and small!  Are you ready to fall in love?  Because this paint is going to get you great results every time. Read on for detailed instructions!

prep for success

“Normally” when painting most wood furniture no sanding or priming is required but in cases where the surface is extremely smooth, rough up the surface area lightly with 120 or 220 grit sandpaper.

Always clean your work by scrubbing it using the green side of a Scotch Brite Sponge with Krud Kutter Gloss-Off or Simple Green, then use a damp cloth to wipe it dry.

For MDF (medium density fiberboard) plastic laminate and IKEA furniture – scuff sand with 220 grit sandpaper, apply a coat of XIM UMA primer.

For Thermafoil (thin vinyl film on cabinets) remove the Thermafoil film by peeling it off, scuff sand with 220 grit sandpaper, apply a coat of XIM UMA primer.

NOTE:  if you are painting on Oak, Cherry or Mahogany wood there are tannins that can leach out.  In this case, add two coats of a stain blocking primer to prevent the tannins from leaching out.  Let your work dry a minimum of 1 hour before proceeding. 

Over raw wood the grain will raise, to overcome this apply 2 coats of a Sanding Sealer prior to painting.  Otherwise you will need to sand with 220 grit sandpaper between paint coats.

On kitchen cabinets in addition to cleaning with Krud Kutter Gloss-Off or Simple Green use denatured alcohol, this will remove grease that has accumulated in the kitchen.

Get painting!

Stir or shake the Paint Couture prior to each use.

To lengthen the shelf life of your product, do not paint out of the can as this can cause contamination. 

Use the correct size and type of brush or roller.  We recommend a synthetic brush. A 1/4′ nap velour roller works great to apply the paint on large flat surfaces.

One quart will cover approximately 100 sq ft

Apply the 1st coat of Paint Couture with a brush or roller.  On large areas use a spray applicator such as an airless sprayer. You may need to add up to 10% water to thin out your paint depending on the sprayer being used.  Ideally when painting, the room temperature should be 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit, with humidity lower than 50%.

Let the paint dry a minimum of 4 hours before recoating. Apply the same way as the first coat.

you’re almost finished

After a minimum of 4 hours you may apply Glaze Couture or Couture Topcoat as desired.  Follow instructions for the product chosen.

Distressing may be done with a fine grit sandpaper or sanding block. 400 grit or higher is recommended to avoid scratching. 

Topcoat is not required for all projects but recommended for best durabilty. Table tops and cabinetry must be topcoated. Use your best judgement depending on the interaction of your project. Is it being interacted with daily or simply decor to be looked at?  We recommend light use after 24 hour dry time and full use after 7 days. 



How does Paint Couture compare to chalk like paints?

Paint Couture is NOT a chalk like paint, and it has no chalk. Paint Couture is NOT a latex paint! Paint Couture is a zero VOC product. Paint Couture is environmentally safe, 100% acrylic based paint, without any of the highly carcinogenic PVA (polyvinyl alcohol). The paint is formulated to have great adhesion properties to all kinds of smooth surfaces. On most surfaces it does not need a primer! In most cases Paint Couture is a far easier product to work with than chalk-based products. The results are beautiful and more professional looking than with the chalk like or simple inexpensive latex paint finishes. It easily produces smooth contemporary and elegant finishes. Paint Couture will dry very hard and is extremely durable because it is an acrylic paint. It will not show the wear chalk type paints show so quickly.

Do I have to sand my work prior to applying Paint Couture?

No, Paint Couture was designed to have great adhesion properties to most all previous painted, varnished, or lacquered surfaces. There are some super slick surface areas (like laminates and melamine) that should have a light amount of sanding to rough up the surface area prior to painting.

What is the coverage in one quart of Paint Couture?

A quart will cover approximately 100 square feet.

Can you use Paint Couture in a sprayer?

Yes! Paint Couture and Couture Topcoat can easily be used in a sprayer. Some Paint Couture colors may need a little water (up to 10%) added, but most colors can be sprayed as is.

Will Paint Couture be OK on kitchen or bathroom cabinets?

Many professional painters use Paint Couture on kitchen and bath cabinets. Some Paint Couture colors will require two coats and of course you will need to add at least one coat of Couture Topcoat for the sheen, stain resistance, and durability desired. Please refer to the prep instructions above for use on cabinetry.

How durable is Paint Couture?

Paint Couture by itself is far more durable than other chalk like paints, but in order to gain excellent stain resistance a topcoat is recommended. One coat of Couture Topcoat will provide the durability of 3 coats of wax. Some applications may need two coats of Couture Topcoat for long lasting durability.

Do I need a Topcoat with Paint Couture?

Paint Couture is a hard wearing acrylic resin paint; however, we do recommend the use of our acrylic antiquing glazes and topcoats for durable finishes long term. To further define this, there are certain surfaces that we recommend the use of a topcoat over the layers of our paint and glazes. Examples of surfaces that take a lot of wear and tear and would need a topcoat are: a child’s dresser, end tables with a lot of accessories on them, a kitchen table top, and any cabinets. Examples of surfaces that do not get a lot of use where paint would be fine by itself are mirrors, picture frames, side table legs. Most other every day surfaces would only require the use of our antiquing glazes over the paint for a protective finish. See below for an easier explanation:

• Paint Couture = Durable
• Paint Couture + Glaze Couture = Protective
• Paint Couture + Couture Topcoat = Very Durable
• Paint Couture + Glaze Couture + Couture Topcoat = Most Durable & Protective

Where is Paint Couture Made?

All of the Couture Collection products (Paint, Glaze, Topcoats and Gilding Waxes) are made In the USA.

Can I paint a Childs Crib with The Couture Collection?

No. Due to so many Federal Regulations on materials for Baby Cribs and testing standards, we do not recommend any of the Couture products to paint Baby Cribs.

Can I paint IKEA furniture with the Couture Collection?

Yes, many hundreds of pieces have been painted with The Couture Collection! Be sure to rough up the unique IKEA surface area with 200 grit sandpaper and then follow the normal cleaning process recommended for painting with Paint Couture. Refer to the instructions in the prep section above for painting laminate. We do recommend two coats of Paint Couture and waiting a full 24 hours between coats of Paint Couture. After you paint you may apply Glaze Couture and or Couture Topcoat.