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Where is Paint Couture made?

All of the Couture Collection products (Paint, Glaze, Topcoats and Gilding Waxes) are made In the USA.

Do we make all of the products sold under The PAINT Couture name?

No. We have an exclusive manufacturing product arrangement with 4 different major paint companies. All four of these companies are in the USA and have been in business for decades. It is a great partner relationship with these four companies.

Is there a Difference between Paint Couture, The Couture Collection and Colors of Sweden?

No, items were previously marketed under different line names. Many customers found this to be confusing so we are working to re-brand everything under the Paint Couture! name. 

What is Colors of Sweden?

Colors of Sweden was simply a line of products inspired by Gustavian style. The paint is the same product as the Paint Couture paint colors. Limewash Glaze and Sheer Smoke Glaze are however, a different consistency than the other Paint Couture Glazes. They are more of a wash than a gel glaze.

what experience level is required to use couture products?

The first time DIYer will be able to use all of the Couture products and achieve beautiful results. In addition, many of our retailers offer classes to educate the DIYer with advanced painting tips and techniques to achieve higher level finishes.

What is the VOC content for Paint Couture?

All of the Paint Couture colors are zero VOC rated. Due to some colorants used in the paint have a small amount of VOC content we must state “maximum VOC content <5g/l”.

Can the Couture products be shipped into California?

Yes, all of the Couture products comply with Prop 65 requirements and are labeled correctly.

Do you charge 2 or 3 percent for customers using a credit card to pay for their order?

NO, there is NO CHARGE from us for using a credit card.

What is the legal entity of The Couture Collection!™?

All of The Couture Collection!™ products and Trademarks are owned by All Paint Products, located in Virginia.