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Textures are a great way to enhance your project and add a tactile element that will make your pieces stand out! Create an authentic old world look buy combining our mediums to create a finish completely your own.

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Embossing Medium is a smooth acrylic plaster designed to create a raised plaster look with stencils on furniture. It can also be used to create other textures such as lace and grasscloth. No priming is needed with this product. Apply it with our Bondo Blade. Embossing Medium dries to a flat finish and becomes very hard. It can be sanded and is easy to work with. Embossing medium can be painted, glazed and/or lacquered. Clean up is with soap and water.


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Couture Crust will provide an aged or crusty look to your furniture or cabinets. It is an acrylic plaster speckled with a natural mineral from the earth. No priming is needed, apply with a brush, roller or our Behr Trowel. Leave it crusty or manipulate it more to achieve a smoother look. Apply it all over or randomly to achieve your deisred look. It can be painted or glazed with our products. Pull Couture Crust through a stencil then dry brush over it for another effect. Clean up is with soap and water.


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Couture Crackle is a 2 Step system. Step 1 is Couture Size and Step 2 is Couture Crackle. The Couture Size is applied first and will enhance the size of the Couture Crackle. Our Couture Crackle produces a transparent glossy crackle that can be glazed with Glaze Couture when it is dry. Please see the directions for use under each product.


Get creative!

Crust is great for adding a tactile element to your project for an authentic old world feel. Use it to get down in the crevices for a natural look.  Consider where your piece would naturally be worn through contact and highlight there with the texture of your choice. 

Use crackle to show your primer color or natural wood from underneath as an alternative to distressing. Use Embossing Medium to create a raised stencil or lace texture. Have fun with it, experiment and as always tag us in your photos so we can see your work! 

The Paint Couture Textures will take your piece to that next level. One of my favorite textures to use is the Crackle! It’s a simple 2 step process. It dries clear and it cracks itself, not your beautiful painted finish. I love adding one of the Paint Couture glazes over the crackle for a perfectly aged look!

Sara B.

Owner, Dark Horse Diva

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