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Our Gilding Wax

All natural Gilding Wax. Designed to add special effects, metallic sparkle or depth to furniture or cabinets. Easy to apply with your finger or a small brush. Can be layered to create multiple color combinations. Clean your fingers or brushes with coconut oil. Dries to the touch in 4 hours, fully cured after 4 days. Can be buffed to a shine. No odor, no solvents.

SIZE: 2 oz  

Gilding wax color line

3 Simple steps


Local Makers & Artisans

Apply the wax last, after the top coat has dried using a small brush or your finger.


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Let it dry at least 4 hours or overnight and then buff to a high sheen.  The full cure time is 4 days.


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Clean up is a snap! Your hands and brushes can be cleaned with coconut oil and warm soapy water; because this wax is all natural!

Get creative!

Make those details pop! Our Gilding Wax is the simplest way to make those details and moldings really pop and enhance your project! Simply rub over trims, moldings and edges to add depth to your piece. It can also be used to shine up dull hardware!  And the best part is it’s all natural and so easy to use.

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