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Glaze Couture is a water based glaze that is very easy to use; brush it on and wipe off. It can be used over all chalk or milk paints as well as all Paint Couture products, and creates an antique or metallic look depending on the color. The finish, derived from a coat of Glaze Couture, enhances your work and there is so little work to apply Glaze Couture compared to adding a coat of wax. Cleaning up is easy with just soap and water.


8 oz  |  16 oz  

Paint couture Glaze line

3 Simple steps


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Generously apply glaze with a brush to your project.  For a lighter application apply one coat of top coat before glazing.


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Wipe excess off with a soft cloth or sponge.  For best results we recommend using a cheese cloth.


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Finish! Our glaze does not require a topcoat but is recommended for ultimate durability. You may choose to apply a top coat after 24 hours.

Get creative!

Some of our glazes have a metallic sheen to them to give a little added luster. Others of our glazes are great to restore the finish on wood similar to a gel stain! Don’t be afraid to: mix things up, mix them together, layer, blend, etc…

Our Weathered Wood and Light Brown Sugar glazes are sheer and some of the most easy to use. Both are great for creating a “natural” weathered wood look.


Paint Couture Glaze has made the entire glazing process so much easier! I used to dread glazing but with their gel style glazes that offer more working time and an easier consistency I love it! The Weathered Wood Glaze and The Light Brown sugar are two of my favorites as the offer a beauitful sheer coverage. And I love that you can also use them as a gel stain to refresh your wood pieces as well!


Owner, Miss Vintage Creations

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