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Paint Couture is a zero VOC, water-based, 100% Acrylic resin paint. It is a self priming, Décor, furniture and cabinet paint. Paint Couture has a great adhesion capability to existing painted or varnished surfaces. With Paint Couture there is usually no sanding and no priming, except for cabinetry. It is easy to apply, it is smooth and lays on very flat with little to no brush marks. The dry look is a matte finish. As it is a 100% Acrylic paint it becomes very hard and very durable. A Glaze or Couture Topcoat is recommended but not required. Cleaning up is easy with just soap and water.


4 oz  |  8 oz  |  Pint  |  Quart  |  Gallon

3 Simple steps


Prep! Our paint requires very little prep depending on the surface you’re working with. A light scuff with 220 grit sand paper, and a good cleaning with Krud Cutter is our recommendation for more pieces.


Get painting! Generally two coats will do the trick, some colors may require three depending on desired coverage. 


Finish! Our paint does not require a topcoat but is recommended for ultimate durability. You may choose to apply a glaze at this point for an antiqued look. Our glazes also serve as a topcoat. 

Get creative!

The hardest part is choosing your color!  Take a look through our inspiration gallery to get some ideas!  If the piece is for your own home take into consideration the other colors in the room, the mood you want to create and also … If the piece is for sale consider the style.  What will make this individual piece look its best?  Are the lines elegant which might look best in a classic shade or does it have flair that might pop in a bright hue?  Do what you love and someone else will love it too.

The old expression goes something like “change is always good”. Well, this was my very first time using acrylic water-based paint on furniture after 6 years of using only one brand of paint. I am so thrilled to have tried this amazing paint! The coverage is extraordinary. One coat covers almost everything without leaving behind brush strokes. If you haven’t had the time to try Couture Paint, now is the time. Don’t missed it out – you won’t regret it!


Owner, With Love Furniture

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