A sales call to sell some paint brushes turned into the acquisition of Paint Couture. Within 24 hours our lives would forever be changed, as we had just that amount of time to decide.  Confidence along with believing in ourselves and the brand we moved forward with the acquisition.  This period of time is forever in our hearts as we also learned that day after our decision to acquire Paint Couture about a gift from above our only son was soon to come.  

We recognized how great Paint Couture is and that we could make it even better.  We wanted others to feel and share the experience that we had with the products.  We believe Furniture Artists, DIY Crafters, Cabinet Refinishers, and others who like to give new life to pieces of furniture needed a product that was affordable, available in a wide variety of sizes and colors to include being responsibly made with high quality ingredients.

At Paint Couture we pride ourselves in offering fine quality paints and corresponding products that are user friendly, safe, and environmentally friendly.  Our products are made in small batch quantities by embracing technology and science.    Paint Couture Paint and Lux Metallics are made using Zero VOC colorants that are made from renewable resources.  With our unique just-in-time approach to manufacturing we are able to adapt to our customers’ needs.     

As a small family, woman owned and veteran operated business, we understand the challenges that businesses go through along with the ups and downs of life such as that of COVID-19 events that impacted us all.  Through these challenging times Paint Couture emerged a better and more adaptive business by sheer necessity.  We recognize that Paint Couture has a social responsibility and with this in mind we ask that you support your local Paint Couture retailer first as you are supporting two small businesses instead of one but also your own local economy.