Customer Relations & Organizational Development, Owner


Katie is the owner of Paint Couture, a loving mother of one and amazing wife of 10 years.  Katie's background prior to Paint Couture was as a Special Agent in the US Government for 16 years prior to resigning during the great resignation period of COVID-19 in 2021.  During her tenure as a Special Agent, Katie worked on cases revolving around Human Trafficking, Human Rights Violations, Intellectual Property Rights, Investigations, Seizures, and Joint Agency Investigations within other government agencies such as Secret Service, IRS, Postal Services, CIA and more.  Her can-do attitude, hard work and positive attitude is invaluable to the company.  She has a resound ability to listen to people along with handling pressure with calmness. Katie stays busy in the company doing administrative duties, social media, website maintenance and shipping.  Some of her pleasantries in life are coffee, red wine and a home cooked meal.

Logistics & Operations Manager


Michael is blessed with his amazing and loving wife and keeps busy with his energetic son.  Michaels background is that of an entrepreneur and former Marine.  Having served four years from 97' to 01' in the Marines and being honorably discharged, Michael attended college at Penn State.  On his two year mark he was recalled to active duty by a Presidential Excutive Order to report for active duty for Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Upon return and being honorably discharged for the third time from the US military Michael continued his college studies and moved to Virginia where he meet his wife.  Fate had it that they meet as they almost didn't meet because of his collared shirt.  That first date would forever change his life and now he runs the production operations and logistics of Paint Couture along with being in charge of product developement and supply chain matters.