Paint Couture Topcoats are water based which provide long lasting durability.  With two different specialized formulations they can be applied to most interior and exterior painted or glazed surfaces, including Acrylic Mineral Paints, Clay Based Paints, Chalk Paints, Milk Paints, Metallic Paints and Glazes.  Our Topcoat provides a beautiful finish to furniture and cabinets and is a non yellowing topcoat sealant.

 Be sure the painted surface to be topcoated has dried at least 4 hours before applying the Couture Topcoat.  If the surface is glazed wait 24 hours or until the glaze is dry.  For increased smoothness, if desired, use 400 grit sandpaper on your painted work prior to starting; wipe off the dust with a damp cloth and let the surface dry.  It is not recommended for bare metal surfaces.

Warning: failure to properly prep some wooden surfaces may result in a discoloration of the topcoat, especially noticeable on light paint colors.  Certain wood species (for example: Oak, Cherry, and Mahogany) have tannins that can leach from the wood to the surface causing a yellowing or brownish look. It is NOT the topcoat yellowing.  This yellowing or brownish look problem can happen with Varnish, Lacquer, and many topcoat products. These products while curing, dry from within and have a tenacity to pull out the tannin material.  Proper prep can eliminate this problem.  Please note many primers and primer bonders sold do NOT have the ability to halt the bleed thru from tannins.  Use two coats of a Stain Blocking Primer waiting 30 minutes between coats prior to painting your first coat of paint.

There are four sheens of our Topcoat, and the Dead Flat Sheen is the easiest to apply followed by Flat, Satin then Semi Gloss. Topcoat provides durability and we recommend two thin coats to achieve a professional finish.  Topcoat will look milky as you use it, but within minutes it will become clear as it dries. The topcoat lays flat, you do not need to over work the surface area.

Apply the 1st coat of topcoat THINLY with a foam brush, brush, roller or with a lambs wool applicator. On large areas you may want to use a spray applicator such as an airless sprayer.  The room temperature should be between (60-80 F) with humidity lower than 75%. DO NOT USE AT TEMPERATURES UNDER 50 DEGREES OR OVER 90 DEGREES.

Topcoat will dry to the touch in 1 hour and will achieve total hardness (cured) after 28 days.  Two coats are best for best durability and even results. Allow the first coat to dry 4 hours, then lightly sand out brush marks with 400 grit sandpaper. Lightly sanding between coats is recommended.  Clean up tools with warm, soapy water.

Do not use topcoat out of the can, pour off into a paint tray or container.  Stir completely, DO NOT SHAKE.  Never apply in direct sunlight or near air movement.  Apply thinly, we highly recommend a quality foam brush to apply the topcoat.  If using a brush, a soft synthetic brush works best. Make sure it is dedicated to topcoat only and do not use brushes or rollers that have been used with paint.

In addition a lambs wool applicator is great to use for large flat areas.  Use the proper applicator based on the size of the piece.  Do not overwork the material as you apply.  If you choose to roll it on, use a velour roller with 1/4 ” nap.  Most noteworthy, is Paint Couture Topcoat sprays beautifully and it is easily sprayed with little to no thinning with water.