At Paint Couture we are driven by people and our mission is to inspire creativity in PEOPLE at all levels:

Passionate – Paint Couture offers a fun and exciting environment with every day being different.  We are passionate about what we do and the products that we create.  With so many products we provide and new ones being developed, no wonder why the energy level is always high.

Enthusiasm – At Paint Couture we are full of energy and are driven to create rewarding products and relationships with our customers.  What isn’t to like about working in a place where you can let loose your imagination and creativity to create new colors and products.

Opulent – What makes Paint Couture Paints different is our approach to our pigments and ingredients.  We use colorfully rich pigments and colorants to create astoundingly vibrant paint colors and luxurious metallics.  For us, quality over quantity is what matters and we set high standards for ourselves.  People can choose from so many products, and we believe in creating amazing quality products that are able to serve a dual purpose while looking fabulous.

Personality – Each member of our team brings to the organization a set of skills and personality that is beneficial to the positive atmosphere and growth of Paint Couture.  We enjoy relationships that Paint Couture has fostered along with collaborating and creating with others.  Life can be difficult sometimes and we like to think painting and the products that we create will bring joy and peace to others while at the same time allowing one to simply express and showcase their artistic abilities.

Love – Paint Couture is built on a solid foundation of relationships fostered with respect and love.  Relationship building is our key to success.  We believe in having strong relationships with our vendors, collaborators, retailers, and creative team members to include our shipping couriers.  Everyone single person plays an important role.  Our love for creating paint and complimenting products is driven by people.

Excellence – Producing quality paint products is a passion of ours.  We take pride in the excellent products we create and the value-added services that we provide to our retailers and customers alike.  We create our amazing paint by utilizing ingredients that are renewable resources.  With the environment that we all share we have social responsibility to make the future a better place than it is now.  By embracing technology and science we will continually improve ourselves but also push for excellence in our products.