Paint Couture Textures are a great way to add a tactile element to your project! Whether you’re giving it that authentic worn feel, dressing it up with a raised stencil or just doing minor repairs- our texture line will help you achieve a unique look all your own!  This is where you can get really creative and take you piece to a new level.

Crust provides an aged or crusty look to your furniture or cabinets.  It is a rough sand-color acrylic plaster speckled with a natural mineral from the earth. No priming is needed, apply with a brush, roller, or Bondo blade.  Apply it and let it be rough or smooth it out with a Bondo blade.  Randomly dab it on to achieve your desired look and then apply glaze to enhance this product!  Pull Crust through a stencil then dry brush paint over it to add highlights.

Our Embossing Medium is a smooth white acrylic plaster designed to create a raised plaster. Most noteworthy, this product creates a lace look on furniture. In addition Embossing Medium applies beautifully in stencils.  The Bondo blade applies this products through stencils.

Lace Technique:

  1. Mix Embossing Medium with Paint Couture (3 tablespoons paint to 16 oz. Embossing Medium).
  2. Spread a thin coat on the table top using a Bondo blade.
  3. Lay down a large piece of lace.  Put a small amount of tinted Embossing Medium in the center and spread outwards, covering the lace.  Apply the product tight with the Bondo blade until the lace is visible, revoke the excess product.  Pull the lace up and off.  Allow to dry.
  4. Paint the entire piece, including the lace with Paint Couture.  Allow to dry and harden.
  5. To enhance- apply a metallic paint on the edges. Glaze the entire piece with Glaze Couture.  Remove the glaze with a cheesecloth to reveal the beauty!
  6. Clean up with soap and water.

Our Crackle is a two step system. Step 1 is “Size” and Step 2 is “Crackle.” The Size is applied first and will enhance the size of the Crackle. This Crackle produces a transparent glossy crackle that can be glazed with Glaze Couture when it is dry.  As seen in the photo on the right, colors of the paints show through.

This product is very durable and does not need a topcoat.

Step by step Crackle:

  1. Paint furniture the desired color. Allow to dry.
  2. Apply 1 coat of Step 1 -Size.  Let dry for 30 minutes.
  3. Brush on Step 2 – Crackle.  The lines of the crackle follow the direction of your brush strokes.  Therefore, if you want a curvy crackle look turn your brush in multiple curved directions.  If you apply it straight the crackle will line up in a straighter configuration.  Both are beautiful.  Crackle will get larger when you apply the product thicker.  When applied thinner the crackle will be smaller.  Vary the thickness of your application to have the most beautiful effects!
  4. Dry times depend on the humidity, in most cases it will be dry in 8 to 10 hours and ready for glaze.
  5. Apply Glaze Couture to enhance the crackle.  Apply the glaze with a brush and remove with a cheesecloth.
  6. Once the glaze is dry you are finished, there is no need to topcoat because the crackle is very durable.
  7. Clean up with soap and water
Embossing Medium Paint Couture Paint
Crystal Texture Paste Paint Couture Paint