Paint Couture offers three types of primers.  Our Sure Prep Blocking Primer is used to block tannins and bleed through from various types of woods such as popular, mahogany, pine, maple to include others.  Sure Prep Blocking Primer is available in two colors of white and grey.  Paint Couture Sure Prep Bondingng Primer is used to adhession barrier for tricky and slick surfaces.  Sure Prep Bonding Primer is used for surfaces such as metal, vinyl, plastic, glass, formica, tiles and much more.  Our Sure Prep Bonding Primer is available comes in one color of white.

The third primer that is available from Paint Couture is our Premium Plus 2-in-1 Primer that is both a bonding and blocking primer that comes in white or grey.  Premium Plus 2-in-1 Primer is 60 percent bonding and 40 percent blocking which gives a great balance of one product doing two tasks.  If you are looking for a clear bonding primer you can use our Extreme Guard Topcoat 

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